Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals

  1. Cooling Water Treatment Chemical

    Comet 5010 is an organophosphonate with terpolymer helps to control metallic oxide deposits and scales for low hardness and low TDS waters in the cooling systems having very high level of chlorides too. Comet 5010 a liquid product formulated to control the deposition of calcium scales in once through and re-circulating cooling water systems.Comet 5010 is an excellent dispersant for suspended & dissolved particles such as ca, mg, silica, silt and metal oxides. This dispersant action maintains the insoluble material in suspension, facilitating its removal from the system.
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  2. Dealkalizer Chemicals

    Comet – 5200 provides positive alkalinity control to open re-circulating systems while avoiding the hazards associated with the handling of strong liquid acids.Comet – 5200 is a highly soluble liquid and can be dosed continuously or intermittently as required.
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  3. Antimicrobial for Cooling Water Treatment

    This chemicals is use for cooling water treatment industries like Plastic Industries,Laminate industries,woven industries,Wood Industries,. Corrosion Inhibitor,Scale Dispersant,De-Alkalizer,Oxidizing Biocide and Non Oxidizing Biocide
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